Takamagahara(高天原, Lit. "The Highest Plain of Heaven")  is supposedly the "most powerful and destructive senjutsu" in the known universe, and is a technique found in Rasetsu's Rinnegan Eyes. In Rasetsu's own words, it is the "technique" which the almighty god-demiurge of the universe, Rikudougami himself used in the creation of all totality, and is subsequently far beyond anything conceivable even within Rikudou Sennins scope of power. The exact workings and effects of the technique aren't yet fully comprehended or understood, but the discussion and explanation of its machinations are said by Rasetsu as follows.

Upon being activated, Rasetsu immediately obtains the ability to manipulate and alter all perspectives. One most prominent definition of perspective is the constant struggle/paradoxical law between object and subject. Two arguing forces which refuse to give way to one another absolutely. Rasetsu essentially obtains the ability to change those laws, essentially solving paradox's themselves by altering their perspectives. Thus, Rasetsu obtains immutable supremacy, holding the basis of all supernatural powers in his hands. Rasetsu may now manipulate all perspectives about or regarding everything and anything, since everything, including reality itself is based upon ones perspective. Omnipotence for example is only viewed as almighty because of the way it is seen in peoples perspective, therefore it becomes meaningless in the face of Takamagahara.



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