Rasetsu Uzumaki
The God of Kenjutsu
Name Rasetsu Uzumaki
Romanji Uzumaki Rasetsu
Personal Status
Birthdate August 31
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 6,7
Weight 102Kg
Blood Type AB
Affiliation Uzushiogakure
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Ramen Stand Owner(Facade)
Previous Occupation ANBU Captain
Clan Uzumaki Clan
Team 8 Guardian Generals
Previous Team Team Orochimaru
Partner Gray Zetsu
Previous Partner Anko Mitarashi
Rank S
Classification God
Ninja Registration 012543
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 9
Jōnin Prom. Age 10
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan
Jutsu Kobo Daishi
Henjo Kongo
Dainichi Nyorai
Kongochi Sanzo
Ryuju Bosatsu
Rasetsu Uzumaki(うずまき羅刹, Lit. "Devil Rending Whirpool") is a unique child of prophecy that was foretold of in the exceedingly ancient times of the planets infancy. Rasetsu is a person of extreme note and infamy within the elemental nations. Being the son of Mutou Uzumaki and Shoko Uchiha, he now serves as the sagely individual whom single-handedly revived the Uzumaki clan and made his bloodline a legitimate military power once more within the elemental nations. As such, he currently serves as the new Clan head of the Uzumaki Lineage, being related to the original bloodline of the Uzumaki. He is the "chosen one", serving as the specifically created vessel of, and the subsequent reincarnation(by virtue of a divine atavism-like process) of the almighty demiurge of the universe known as Rikudougami(六道神, Lit. "God of Six Paths")

Rasetsu had developed into a person far beyond the typical constraints and borders of other ninja's and individuals of note in the world, having obtained ancient powers and abilities, the likes of which are from before the era of Rikudou Sennin himself. For his excessively great power and his immense skill, as well as his devastating, "demonic" skill and mastery within the field of Bushido, the way of the Samurai from the Land of Iron, Rasetsu earned himself the infamous moniker of Konoha's Red Hot Shogun Asura(燃える阿修羅, Konoha no Shakunetsu Asura Shogun), a name which he was, and remains deeply feared for even today, a name which he earned for his signature, bright red uzumaki hair, his incredible combat power, and his status as a sword wielder and master who is famed to be on the same level of a Shogun from the land of iron.


Rasetsu was born as the child of Mutou Uzumaki and Shoko Uchiha. Unknown to him, he had inherited the genes of both Madara Uchiha, who was his great grandfather on his mothers side, and Hashirama Senju, his great grandfather on his fathers side. Due to the immense quality of his gene pool, the konoha elders, particularly Danzo Shimura, saw an immense power to exploit within Rasetsu, for their own gain and prestige. Aware of his ability to awaken the sharingan, his parents were assassinated when he was still an infant. The stress and mental trauma of this act on his infant mind causes him to awaken his sharingan. Rasetsu went into the care of the Third Hokage himself, whom raised him and attempted to lead him down the right path. Having amassed great skill, jutsu, and showing immense talent and promise, Rasetsu quite easily graduated from the academy. From there, Rasetsu's adoptive father became Orochimaru, whom also served as the Jonin leader of his genin team. 

Having betrayed his trust, Orochimaru used Rasetsu as a guinea pig for his various experiments, thus granting Rasetsu an incredibly vast array of different, techniques, jutsu, and arts that would otherwise be completely out of his reach, obtaining powerful and entirely new kekkei genkai such as the Shikotsumyaku of the Kaguya Clan, and knowledge of countless different hiden jutsu and secret techniques used by Hokage's and the numerous different honored clans dwelling within the walls of konoha, such as the shintenshin technique of the yamanaka clan, and the various body, modification based techiques of the akimichi clan. During downtime between missions, Rasetsu's Taijutsu teacher had become Maito Tao, a pureblood from the Maito clan of brutal and murderous martial artists that use Taijutsu exclusively. Tao was in league with Orochimaru at the time, and in exchage for greater power he had agree'd to train and develop Rasetsu's skills in The Strong Fist, Eight Gates, and other powerful techniques that originated from the Maito clan. 





Though any real display of rasetsu's true abilities are few and far between, he has been repeatedly hyped as one of the single most powerful individuals in the series. With no known upper limit to his power and skill, as well as seemingly having no absolute ultimate to his abilities, it is safe to assume that rasetsu's true power is exceedingly godlike and out of this world enormous. He is been trained in nearly all forms of conceivable combat and techniques thereof, therefore having amassed a simply ungodly degree of might and strength as an individual, having excessive training and extensive mastery in all fields, including ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, fuinjutsu, kinjutsu, numerous secret techniques, kenjutsu and an array of swordsmanship forms. Using Senjutsu almost exclusively, Rasetsu continues to be one of the most fearsome opponents in the narutoverse.

Foremost stands his ridiculously immense physical conditioning, granting him the ability to perform incredible superhuman feats of speed, strength, durability, perception, and more to upwards and in excess of that which can only be considered lawbreakingly mad and insane even by the standards of the most powerful individuals in the known world. His physique and the abilities that it grants him have reached a degree which can only be labeled as godly, having more strength than most fully realized sages, and a greater level of swiftness and acrobatic precision than the finest of body flicker and other high speed movement technique users within the elemental nations. His strength, durability, and the power granted by his monstrous physique is reflected in his physical conditioning, having a level of lean, explosive musculature and armor-like natural muscle tone that exceeds even the monstrous build of the Third Raikage himself. Due to the unique training methods he has undergone, Rasetsu has also obtained a level of musculature density and composure which greatly exceeds that of normal humans, his genetic tissue and the atoms which compose his cells numbering in a far greater range than that of most others. As such, he is granted a level of physical durability which means that most enemy jutsu and attacks go completely beneath his notice, as most opponents he comes across are completely incapable of harming him.

Jutsu ProwessEdit


Rasetsu is a man who is famed as having returned to the "original form of combat" and as such he has completely abandoned any and all semblance of Ninjutsu in favour of the vastly superior, mighty, and destructive Senjutsu which was used in the times of Rikudou Sennin and prior. As a fully accomplished sage, Rasetsu's skill and power within the realm of Senjutsu can be equated to a user whom has studied ninjutsu for an equal amount of time, such as Sarutobi Hiruzen, or any other Kage-level+ figurehead in the known world and its history. Rasetsu employs the usage of many ninjutsu-based techniques, but instead, has created his own numerous Senjutsu variants of the aforementioned arts, thus raising their power, potency, and over all destructive capacity by a margin which far exceeds anything the techniques could have reached in their ninjutsu states.

One of Rasetsu's favourite and most used techniques when not armed with his blade is his Sage Art; Plasma Rasengan, which is a technique derived from the 4th Hokage's signature jutsu. The immense concentration and density of the flames give birth to a layer of Plasma which replicates the heat and power of the sun itself on a much smaller scale, thus granting Rasetsu an extreme amount of destructive capacity and area of effect. A unique aspect of Rasetsu's usage of the rasengan is that he prefers to throw the sphere as a projectile-like, high speed range-based technique, hitting his opponents from mid to long range. Rasetsu's immense mastery and his outstanding chakra reserves allow him to utilize a multitude of high level, powerful Senjutsu in rapid and seemingly continuous succession. 


Holding the the title of The Strongest Martial Artist of Heaven And Earth(天下一武道会, Tenkaichi Budoka), Rasetsu's prowess in Kenjutsu is nothing short of Legendary and awe-inspiring. Being the culmination point of all the consecutive art forms and techniques that he has amassed throughout the course of his lifetime, Rasetsu is often referred to as a "God of The Sword" who can never be challenged or surpassed. Serving as the main, and most deadly aspect of his combat, Rasetsu more than easily lives up to the title of one who holds the reputation of the single most deadly and powerful swordsman in the history of the elemental nations, having studied the ways of the sword extensively and tireless from the moment he could form sentient thought. As such, Rasetsu's swordplay is viewed as a wicked, demonic black arts that render him untouchable by any mortals. With his uncontestable swordsmanship rasetsu has slain countles armies worth of opponents in the spaces of mere afternoons, and has reduced miles upon miles of landscape to scenes of unimagineable horror and gore, rendering the surroundings covered with butchered and mutilated corpses and body parts, thus earning him the reputation of The Red Hot Asura Shogun, the infamous title which he is still referred to by to this date. In mifune's words of personal experience, there is no "combat" and no "fight" against Rasetsu should one engage him in close range swordsmanship. There is only a one sided slaughter of unimaginable horror and nightmarish, vulgar display of power on behalf of Rasetsu. 

Using simple strokes, Rasetsu has the ability to replicate the feats of a monster as powerful as the Jubi and even exceed them alltogether, going as far so as to part entire oceans for as far as the eye can see in a single attack, or reducing entire networks of mountains to unilateral, flact landscapes in the blink of an eye, all thanks to his kenjutsu which lays within a plain not known or fully understood by the mortal mind. True to this reputation, Rasetsu demonstrates the ability to perform feat after feat or seemingly miraculous and impossibly precise swordsmanship skills, all while demonstrating no visible effort or strain in the process. He is so precise that he can even stop dead in place the tip of an enemies sword by using the tip of his own blade in the process, demonstrating a simply ungodly amount of weight awareness, power distribution, and overall control of his own sword. His weapon has been repeatedly noted to be more than a simple to, as it now functions more fluid and strangely "lifelike", as Rasetsu has achieved a point in time where his sword has become an extension of his body alltogether. In this right, Rasetsu is said to have risen to the highest imaginable pinnacle of swordsmanship within the domain of a supreme grandmaster, perhaps even exceeding it, as it has been repeatedly demonstrated that even while against other grandmaster level opponents, Rasetsu's strength is shown to be simply otherwordly, in a way which can only describe him as being in a tier all unto his own.

Kekkei GenkaiEdit


Having inherited the genes from the original bloodline of the Uzumaki, Rasetsu has obtained the almighty, rarest dojutsu Kekkei Genkai, The Rinnegan. Nicknamed the "Eyes of Divine Sight", Rasetsu's rinnegan is a force to be reckoned with, as he has discovered and created several new and entirely different jutsu and techniques within his rinnegan, the likes of which remain unseen and undiscovered by any other wielder of the supposed godly eyes. Aside from the more outstanding, signature techniques of the rinnegan, such as the usage of The Six Paths technique, rasetsu has also developed his own paths to entirely new heights, having the ability to easily utilize the six paths through his own body, rather than employing dead bodies to funnel his powers through.

Forms & ModesEdit

Jinchuriki FormsEdit

Rasetsu is the Jinchuriki of Rikudougami, the strange, abstract cosmic entity which once served as the master and supreme demiurge of all totality. An ethereal concept, a true god in every sense of the word. The pataphysical beings infinite might can be harnessed and projected physically into a rather immense variety of different forms that can be invoked by Rasetsu, the likes of which greatly surpass any of the other states, transformations, and abilities that hav ebeen previously mentioned. Though not a tailed beast by nature, Rikudougami seems to familiarize itself to mortals by giving its various physical manifestations distinctively Biju-like characteristics such as numerous tails, chakra cloaks, etc. Rasetsu's status as Rikudougami's essential reincarnation is characterized by the large, mystical cross-like seal that sometimes glows upon his upper back, a yin-yang symbol sitting at the very center of the nape of his necks bottom. When tapping into Rikudougami's - for all intents and purposes - infinite chakra, the symbol proceeds to glow with an extremely bright and intense light which can commonly be seen through his clothing rather easily. 

Creation & ConceptionEdit



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